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Breasts come in all shapes and sizes - there is not a single procedure to improve every breast contour concern. Dr. Kennedy believes that understanding your goals and expectations is critical to discussing and developing a plan to correct your area of concern. Dr. Kennedy uses multiple procedures, approaches and techniques to individualize your procedure to your goal!

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Who considers a breast lift?

Over time, breasts can become saggy, deflated, elongated and lose the youthful shape and volume most women desire. Women interested in reversing the below life changes and who are seeking  a more youthful, firmer, and possibly fuller appearance consider breast lift. Life events negatively affecting the appearance of the breasts include:

  • Pregnancy
  • Breast feeding
  • Weight changes
  • Gravity
  • Loss of skin elasticity with age

What is a breast lift?

Breast lift, also called mastopexy, is designed to reshape the breast, and elevate the nipple & areola to a more youthful position. Breast tissue is generally not removed so there is only a small chance of change in nipple sensation. Breast lift is often combined with breast augmentation when the breasts appear “deflated” and you desire more fullness. Breast lift can also include a small reduction in volume if you feel your breasts are larger than you would like.

Goals of breast lift include:

  • Lovely breasts in a more youthful position on your chest
  • Nipples properly positioned rather than pointing at the floor
  • Perky
  • Better projection and symmetry between uneven, droopy breasts
  • Enhanced volume with improved contour as well
  • A more natural & youthful appearance

How is the procedure performed?

  • Surgery is generally performed in our nationally accredited surgical suite.
  • Anesthesia providers monitor your heart & lungs and keep you comfortable during surgery
  • A variety of incisions may be used depending on your goals as well as your individual breast shape, volume, and droop. These are reviewed in-depth during consultation.
  • Excess skin is removed and the breast tissue, nipple & areola are raised to a higher, more pleasing position.
  • Surgery is performed under general anesthesia and patients return home the same day. Surgery takes approximately 2-3 hours.
  • Breast Lift can be performed with Breast Augmentation or may include a small Breast Reduction.

What is normal recovery?

Most patients return to work in approximately 1 week. Patients generally experience minimal discomfort, which is relieved with prescription medications or Tylenol and ice packs. There may be minor bruising and swelling. Most women are back to most daily activities within 7 to 10 days, and unrestricted activity within 4 to 6 weeks.

What are the expected results?

Results are tailored to individual goals and desires. More shapely, attractive breasts are the usual result. Patients see better proportions, a more feminine shape, improved self-esteem, and self-confidence. When larger breasts are desired in addition to an improved shape, breast implants can be added to enhance the overall effect.

Are there potential complications?

Breast lift surgery is very common and very safe, but no surgery is without potential problems. These are generally minor. Smoking increases your risk for numerous complications and may lead to your surgery being canceled. An extensive review of potential outcomes can be found on our information page by clicking HERE.

Complications specific to breast lift may include:

  • change in nipple sensation (increased, decreased, or numb)
  • possible effect on future lactation (breast feeding) and/or mammogram
  • future breast growth (if young) or volume loss (with age or weight loss)
  • uneven shape or size between the breasts
  • Scarring

Additional FAQs

Do you remove breast tissue?

During a breast lift a small amount of lower (drooping) breast tissue may be removed. This can improve the shape of the breasts and provide a more youthful, elevated breast. Some patients want smaller breasts when they are lifted. In these instances, Dr. Kennedy will remove more tissue to result in a smaller breast. At other times a small implant may also be added if you are interested in a slightly fuller (and elevated) breast.

Do you disconnect the nipple?

Dr. Kennedy leaves the nipple attached to its blood supply, nerve supply, and the ducts of the breast in all but very unusual cases. This gives the best chance to maintain nipple sensation and the option to breastfeed after a breast lift if desired. Rarely, circumstances require the nipple to be removed and repositioned - these are discussed with the patient at their consultation.

How noticeable are the scars?

All scars start more pink, raised, and firm and with time they soften, flatten and whiten. How a scar heals is a combination of how the incisions are closed (your surgery), patient factors (age, genetics, race), and post-operative care of your surgical site. With time the breast scars tend to ‘disappear’ and are only noticeable on close inspection.

What happens if I gain or lose weight?

All breasts contain both breast tissue and fat. With weight changes - the fatty portion of the breast can increase (with weight gain) or shrink (with weight loss). A stable weight will ensure the best, longest-lasting results.

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